Paso Robles Park

Working with Juli Brockett of Design Collaborative, this image was commissioned for the new SESLOC bank in Paso Robles.

With only a couple weeks notice, an image had to be shot and able to be printed on metal plate up to 8 feet wide. In order to achieve the desired print size, multiple images would have to be composited. So, on a very cold morning of November 29, 2015, I shot the 18 images that would be used for the composite.

Although there were a few unexpected people in the park, I was able to work around them as they were going through the trash cans for usable items. But, unfortunately I forgot to bring a pair of gloves. And although the sun had just come up over the horizon, my fingers were so cold that I could hardly make any adjustments to the the camera settings.

To see this artwork, please stop by the SESLOC location at 705 Golden Hill Rd, Paso Robles, CA and tell them the photographer sent you.

The printing was done by Photo Printing Pros in Santa Barbara, and the detail is stunning. I highly recommend them for metal print work.